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10-26-18 CAIR says “You are going to have to trust me”

09-01-18 The STASI is alive and well in New York City:

08-12-18 As filming is coming to its conclusion…here is a short scene that made the final edit. Hey girls…CAIR is here to say that in SHARIA you will almost, sorta, kinda be treated as equals:

08-05-18 Went on a ride along with the Border Patrol…see the clip to get the unfiltered truth about what is going on at the border and how MSM is manipulating the realities. I call this bit “Rock Attacks” :

08-04-18 I talked to one of the “White Supremacist” that ANTIFA protested at the Patriots Prayer Rally in Portland. This should be ANTIFAs new slogan “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” :

01-13-18  The first videos I did that gave me the idea to make  “Killing Free Speech”