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“Are you for abolishing ICE and for open borders as well? both. What do you think will be the end result of that? hopefully communism

ICE Protester, New York

Monday, October 15th, the first screening of, “Killing “Free Speech” an eye opening new documentary by Michael Hansen, will be previewed at the National Border Patrol Council Local 1613.

For  the first time, Border Patrol agents agreed to be filmed to expose the media lies & smears about our agents and the crisis at the border.

“We do not know if these are the parents’ real kids…we have gotten some of them to admit that the kids were provided to them by the cartels as a prop. So if you have a kid that was provided to you as a prop, what happens to that kid after you get through? We have media complaining about that we are separating the kids but what happens to those kids later on? what type of sexual exploitation? we know that there is sexual trafficking going on”

Christopher Harris,  National Border Patrol Council

For once, a documentary filmmaker, actually allowed the Border Patrol agents to represent themselves.

“NBPC 1613 wants the public to know the truth about what is going on at the border so that they can make informed decisions as to what is truly needed to secure the borders effectively, humanely and safely. Killing Free Speech gave us a voice and an opportunity to speak the truth and it is a powerful testament to the men and women of the Border Patrol who risk their lives every day.”

Terence L. Shigg, National Border Patrol Council Local 1613 President

Michael Hansen is a brave & talented documentary filmmaker who captured shocking undercover footage of the radicals operating in America, their tactics, & plans to destroy America!

“Killing Free Speech” exposes far-left violent extremist groups & the mainstream media determined to shut down any point of view which impedes an open border and globalist agenda.